Mary Cummins Has Trouble With the Truth: MENSA

Mary Cummins likes to boast about how intelligent she is – how she went to college at an early age (more on that fairy tale later), how she did advanced statistics, how she was doing high-level math “before modern computers” (yes, folks, she actually said that).  But the biggest whopper of all?  Mary claims to have been a member of Junior MENSA – you know, that group of really smart folks who like to get together and do really smart things, only a smaller version, for not-quite-adults.

There’s just one BIG problem – there is no such thing as Junior MENSA and there never has been.  According to the MENSA web site:

There is no “junior” category of Mensa membership, so youth are welcome at most Mensa events — unless the activity is limited to adults for some obvious reason (such as an activity in a casino or nightclub).

A quick call to MENSA confirms that not only is this true now but it has always been the case – you’re either in MENSA or you’re not.  Perhaps if Mary Cummins were really as smart as she thinks she is, she could have found that out herself before making up a tall tale – after all, she claims to be a search engine expert, and it’s the first result when you Google “Junior MENSA”.  Nice going, Mary – you’re a real, um, genius!