Mary Cummins Has Trouble With The Truth: Real Estate Licenses

Mary Cummins has a lot of difficulty keeping all her stories straight.  She especially has trouble with dates (there’s much more to come on that topic).  Take, for example, her long and tangled real estate history.  Leaving aside her claims that she attended the Lumbleau School of Real Estate at the EXACT SAME TIME she also claims to have been at the University of Southern California, Mary stated under oath that she was a real estate broker until around 2007.  Here is her official statement from the deposition:

But wait – she made that claim not once but TWICE during the same deposition:

Oops!  Mary’s real estate broker license actually expired in 2004 not in 2007:

Now, a lapse in memory of a year or thereabouts is perfectly understandable.  But close to three years?  That’s not a simple error, that’s blatantly untrue.  Under oath.  In a deposition.  Shame, shame, Mary.  And, as we’ll soon see, that’s not the only time Mary has had real trouble with the truth.  Stay tuned…


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