Mary Cummins Plays Attorney Then Is Forced to Admit Under Oath She Doesn’t Know What She’s Doing

Mary Cummins likes to represent herself in court.  In fact, she has to represent herself as the attorneys she hires keep dropping her (gee, I wonder why?).  Sometimes it works out for her but most of the time it doesn’t.  Here’s a hilarious episode from the deposition files of the Bat World case in which her adept legal skills resulted in a judgement AGAINST her for $6.1 Million.  In this series of questions by Randy Turner, the attorney who won the case against her for Bat World, Mary Cummins admits that she filed documents without having a clue as to what the legal language in the documents really meant.  The following exchange pretty much sums it up:

Randy: So you didn’t even know what you were saying when you said “Plaintiff’s action is barred by laches”?
Mary: Um, not really.
Randy: You don’t know what that meant?
Mary: No. I read an article that said it’s good to include it.
Randy: But you don’t know what it meant?
Mary: No.

Here’s the whole exchange.  It’s pure comedy!


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