Mary Cummins Illegally Using Temporary Address on California Drivers License

Mary Cummins uses an address of 645 West 9th Street, Apt 110, in Los Angeles on her California driving license.  Trouble is, that isn’t her actual address – it’s a UPS Store location:

UPS Store #4977

While this may be fine for conducting business and receiving mail, it is not acceptable for a driver’s license.  According to the California DMV web site (

Can I use a post office box or temporary mailing address?
You may use a post office box for your mailing address; however, you must provide a residence address when your change of address includes your driver license or identification card. Temporary mailing addresses are not allowed

Clearly, UPS Store #4977 is not Mary Cummins’ residence (which is actually on the outskirts of Beverly Hills just up the road from some of the swankiest real estate in the country), so she is in violation of DMV regulations.  Just one more example of her blatant disregard for the law.


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