Mary Cummins Tries to Get Court Order Against Eric Schmidt of Google

There’s all kinds of crazy out there but every now and then you run across someone who just stands head and shoulders above the rest.  The tale of Mary Cummins, President of Animal Advocates, an animal rescue group based out of Los Angeles, is long and sordid, with enough twists, turns, blind alleys and surprises to fill an entire series of mystery novels.  Mary’s history will be told here over time – complete with online harassment, defamation, sex scandals, numerous civil suits, and a complete cast of colorful characters – but let’s begin with one little gem that is particularly amusing.

In December of 2010, Mary Cummins attempted to obtain a court order in Los Angeles against, of all people, Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google.  It wasn’t the first time she’d gone after a public figure and there are rumors about a whole raft of others, including Richie Ramone (yes, that Richie Ramone, of the Ramones) and, if you can believe it, Nature Boy Ric Flair.  Those rumors may, or may not, be true, but this certainly is true – her attempt to use the legal system against Eric Schmidt was a spectacular failure.

And what, exactly, was she trying to claim?  Why, nothing other than that Schmidt was personally responsible for articles posted on Google’s Blogger and other weblog sites!  That’s right – she actually went to court and tried to claim that Eric Schmidt, vis a vis unknown persons posting on several blogs, was causing her personal pain and suffering due to the failure of Google to remove the material she found objectionable.  In fact, she claimed that the mere existence of these blogs made her unable to work and caused her to lose all of her family and friends.

And what was the court’s response to these claims?  Well, to quote from the court documents:

No bad conduct or threat of future harm by Schmidt personally…Google is host – not blogger.

Slam!  Petition denied.  Just one of many court losses Mary Cummins has racked up over the years in her zeal to abuse the legal process.  But that, as they say, is an entirely different story…

Read the full Schmidt filing here:  Mary Cummins-Cobb v. Eric Schmidt

[WARNING!  Graphic language.  Not safe for work.]


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